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VCI, Inc. is a full service manufacturing firm. Our Material Handling Solutions team will tackle design and production challenges others may avoid.....customization is our business. Our complete engineering capabilities allow us to start your project from the ground up or at any step of the design or manufacturing phase. Whether you need special size containers to fit your forklifts or to work with your current automated material handling system, VCI, Inc. will supply you rigid, solid containers which are designed to protect your product. Your racks or containers can be finished with powder coat, wet paint, galvanizing, or left uncoated.
Our Contract Manufacturing team at VCI, Inc. offers an excellent package of services to our parts and machinery producing customers. We offer concept development, 2D and 3D design, prototyping, production laser cutting, CNC brake press bending, machining, cold saw cutting, etching, welding, parts assembly and parts finishing. We can partner with you to become your "One Stop Shop" for all laser cutting and metal fabricating needs so you can eliminate the need for multiple vendors.


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